Strategic Council

A strong multinational organization not only requires a visionary approach, but also a structure which observes and evaluates the decisions of the management from a different angle. Furthermore, giving different views is extremely important in order to move forward in the right direction at the right speed.

UnisonSteadfast, besides its Management Board, has further strategic and decision-making entities in the co-driver’s seat, also reflecting the partners’ side. These are namely: Independence Day Conference, Strategic Council, UNOs and Project Working Groups (PWGs).

The Strategic Council is the highest strategic entity of the network. This Council is comprised of UnisonSteadfast broker members who represent their region and leadership in a special domain (IT, marketing, sales activities etc). Strategic Council members take on a geographical responsibility for their domestic region and assume special professional or organizational tasks. The composition of the Council is based on a rotation principle. The Council members are elected for a tenure of office of at least two years (max. 4 years).

What are the functions of the Strategic Council?

  • Support of the operational UnisonSteadfast entities in strategic questions
  • Implementation and co-ordination of Practice Groups
  • Assistance with the Independence Day Conference professional program
  • Conducting surveys
  • Contact point for fellow UnisonSteadfast members

How do I become a Strategic Council Member?

Only representatives of long-term and loyal broker members may be invited to join the Strategic Council. As soon as there is a vacancy, we approach suitable candidates of the relevant region. You may then apply for the position. If you meet the admission criteria, we are happy to welcome you to the Strategic Council.

Strategic Council – Current Members

Natalia Zaborovska
MAI CEE Insurance Brokers

Central and Eastern Europe

Pedro Rego
F. Rego

Western Europe

Alexander Kraus
Schunck Group


Colin Aitchinson
pib Group

Great Britain

Shamsher S. Dhupia
Prudent Brokers


Ingrid Anderson

Australia and Oceania

Frank Glenn

North America

Luis Herrera
Protec Seguros

Latin America

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