UniNet – the platform for all your insurance information at one glance

UniNet 3.5 is the latest version of our extranet platform. It provides our members, and clients with access to insurance-related information on their global corporate insurance policies and programs in place.

By means of web-based templates, all the parties involved in an operation can easily exchange relevant policy data and claims information in a uniform format and in English – our official working language.

In addition, UniNet users have access to an exhaustive country information and regulations database.

Further development

We aim to establish an extensive network communication platform for access to all UnisonSteadfast services as well as risk management tools. UniNet shall also facilitate know-how transfer among our members.

Thanks to our in-house software development team and an agile approach, we can ensure short release cycles for new features and ongoing optimization to continuously improve usability. In this way, we can adapt to the needs of our members and provide added value to both their day-to-day business and new opportunities.

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