Since 2005, UnisonSteadfast has grown to become the largest independent insurance broker network in the world.

Our members, close business relationships, transparency and mutual trust are at the core of our new branding. It represents our transformation from a classic international network into an active and dynamic global community – united by common goals, philosophy and business ethics, better reflecting how we want to be perceived as a business in our industry today and in the future.


How do our members benefit from our new appearance?

For you, our members, there will be no changes in your day-to-day business. Your contact persons remain the same and you can fully rely on the UnisonSteadfast assistance you are accustomed to. As part of our new approach, we will even extend our service portfolio and offer you some great new services in the insurance as well as risk management areas soon.

We hope the new brand resonates with you and makes you excited for the future of UnisonSteadfast.

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