New Horizons through Global Experience

In the scope of their career planning, especially young professionals nowadays expect more global competence and international perspectives from their employer – also increasingly in our industry. UBEX by unisonSteadfast takes on the trend and connects selected employees with the major global markets. Our international exchange program is designed to create a strategic win-win situation for all parties involved:

  • Employees gain valuable practical experience in international markets
  • “Thinking outside the box” is of high value in our increasingly globalized world
  • Staff members develop new important core competences and intercultural expertise
  • A unique opportunity to broaden both the individual and the professional horizon
  • Participation in a global employee exchange is a useful addition to your membership with the unison network
  • Your broking company gains deeper international expertise through your employees
  • The program helps you establish new business contacts and global communication through personnel and personal commitment.
  • Your company secures valuable long-term business relations
  • As an employer, your broking company becomes more attractive for young professionals – all the way from the first interview to long-term personnel development
  • You build up stable employee relations based on mutual appreciation
  • An international employee exchange can be used as a treat to reward top performance and encourage future commitment
  • Strengthening and increasing competences on the international stage
  • A global bonus for your company!  

UBEX by unisonSteadfast offers you an ideal motivation tool, making your team more professional and international! UBEX by unisonSteadfast strengthens your business and creates a sophisticated added value for your company’s PR and marketing. 

UBEX by unisonSteadfast mobilizes international skills. For an international win-win situation.