unisonAcademy – Certified Training System

unisonAcademy is the training system of unisonSteadfast, built on four pillars.

It was founded in order to train staff and employees of unisonSteadfast members in international insurance matters and to provide the relevant work processes within the unisonSteadfast network. A partnership with the Insurance Institute of Switzerland (IIS) focuses on the curriculum of that institution at International Risk Engineering and Captives.

unisonAcademy is certified by the education initiative of the German insurance industry “gut beraten” (German for well-advised) as an education provider. Under this initiative, which is based on the EU education policy, companies can acquire “credit points” by participating in training courses of certified service providers. 

Currently, these training measures are on a voluntary basis but will become compulsory  for all brokers in Germany and the EU in 2016.

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  • unisonSteadfast work processes
  • International Programmes
  • Compliance & Tax Regulations
  • Specific technical issues

Insurance Institute of Switzerland

  • Risk Engineering 
  • Risiko-Transfer
  • Captives

unison members

  • Special skills of members to members
  • Special Subjects
  • Special Branch know-how

Employee Exchange Programmes

  • Worldwide staff exchanges

Employee Exchange Program for International Youth Development

All members of unisonSteadfast can participate in the unisonSteadfast Employee Exchange Program. Selected trainees of the network members experience excellent promotional measures, such as traineeship with another member company abroad. Thus, you extend and deepen your knowledge of the insurance market of the respective country as well as become acquainted with international working processes.

More information about the program can be found here ...