About iProfileRisk

iProfileRisk is an online tool providing an overview of common risk hazards and index for an industry, along with a NatCat summary for a specified location.

iProfileRisk helps brokers easily identify the most prominent risks aligned to classes of insurance and can include NatCat risk grading summaries showing the severity of a loss occurring.

Brokers simply search 550+ industries and any location to receive a detailed list of risk hazards and SwissRe NatCat summaries*.

The data provided by iProfileRisk aims to empower unisonSteadfast brokers to have more robust data and risk driven conversations with clients when making critical risk and insurance decisions.

iProfileRisk’s key features include:

  • Hazard index ratings which are linked classes of insurance such as: Property;
    Business Interruption and General Liability: Premises and Operations.
  • Up to 50 NatCat summaries provided from SwissRe for a specific location such as:
    Bushfire, River and Coastal Flood and Cyclones with more available.
  • A customisable report which can be downloadable in PDF format including your
    brokerages details, logo and colour scheme at no additional cost.
  • More than 550+ industries listed which have common risk data.

With iProfileRisk, brokers can continue to offer superior client services through indispensable experience backed by reliable, accurate and factual risk and NatCat information.

Subscribe to the platform

iProfileRisk is currently available to unisonSteadfast brokers with subscription access.

If you are not located in the US and already hold a subscription, please click here to access iProfileRisk.

For US members who hold a subscription: Please click here to access iProfileRisk.

For pricing, to request an access agreement or to view a demo, please contact risk@unisonsteadfast.com to find out more.

* SwissRe NatCat data limited to 50 searches per subscription. Extra searches are available at an additional cost.