Strategic Partnership for Efficient Business

Insurers are major partners for unisonSteadfast and unisonSteadfast – as the centre of all medium-sized brokers within the worldwide network—is a major partner for insurers.

Cooperation, however, is not limited to the conclusion of individual program contracts or to an isolated exchange of information. unisonSteadfast further offers a strategic partnership for insurers. The aim is the expansion of the circle of the insured for the international business of the network members. In addition, the close interaction between insurers and brokers, which is particularly important for SME businesses, constitutes another main focus of cooperation. unisonSteadfast offers different forms of strategic partnerships with insurers. Depending on the selected partnership, the remuneration or models of financial support for unisonSteadfast have a different make-up.

Joint Activities

Especially in the international arena, the workflow processes between insurers and brokers can be standardized significantly to relieve the insurer and to depict the transactions of day-to-day business in a more efficient way. 

Additionally, unisonSteadfast offers collective product development with sales and marketing control for insurers.

unisonSteadfast supports insurers who have little or no international representations in the implementation of local policies abroad as a supplement to the national contract. Moreover, unisonSteadfast provides access to its international information database.

Pure Sponsorship Agreement

Insurers can use the unison platform for their selected marketing measures with a sponsorship contract: The various possibilities include naming on the unisonSteadfast website, publication of company-specific information in the unisonTIMES and other media, in a circular letter or at sales or project events.