Qualifications and Quality Assurance

Midsize industry insurance brokers can join the global network of unisonSteadfast as a member. There are some selection criteria and rules per country and member that have to be met:

Brokers are preferably chosen from such regions where unisonSteadfast is not yet or not adequately represented. Nevertheless, there is a multi-broker process for each country, so that in case of need also specialty brokers may act on behalf of the unisonSteadfast network even across borders.

In principle, unisonSteadfast offers insurance solutions for all companies abroad. However, the focus is on medium-sized enterprises that are in most cases still managed by the owner. The brokers selected by unisonSteadfast should therefore be operating within this important and future-oriented customer segment. Supporting documents are required.

Besides a general insurance brokerage expertise, partners of unisonSteadfast should possibly have specialized knowledge in at least one area.

In order to work only with qualified partners who meet all legal requirements, unisonSteadfast regularly requests to be supplied with the broker license and customer references for the respective country. 


Starting a New Membership

Once the selection criteria are fulfilled and the contract is signed, the new member is introduced to the unisonSteadfast network. Here is a brief synopsis of the rollout process:

  • Information on the Code of Conduct, partner rating, etc. as well as approval
  • Evidence of financial loss liability insurance
  • Training in marketing activities, et al. providing of logos and advertising information
  • Publication of the accession of the new member to the network
  • Appointment of a UNO (unisonNetworkOfficer)
  • Participation in starter workshops on process flows and international programs in the unisonSteadfast network
  • Regular participation in international conferences