Active Partnership – worldwide accord of the members

Partnership is the solid groundwork of global cooperation within the unisonSteadfast network. This is not an empty phrase. The active partnership is actually felt through the tight cohesion of all members. This applies not only to the members on the broker side, but also in particular to the joint industrial customers, which are indeed ultimately the focus of unisonSteadfast services. Insurers and service providers in the different operational divisions are also major teammates in the global harmony of the unisonSteadfast network. Accord and equal footing are the primary principles of this finely woven network that spans the globe. This is the only way to solve the complex international problems of the members with the help of other members in a fashion that is true to life. 

unisonSteadfast is synonymous with “fair and active partnership.”  

Regardless of whether you are a broker, an insurer, a service provider or a customer, unisonSteadfast looks forward to your application.

Possible forms of cooperation can be found under the respective partner group.