Support of the service of its members all over the world

The network of unisonSteadfast enables its members to smoothly expand operations in any country in the world. Aimed at insurance and demanding industrial customers, industry insiders call it "the fastest growing brokerage network in the world." The satisfaction of its members and the quality of its services have allowed the unisonSteadfast network to become the third largest independent producer of insurance business worldwide.

unisono (Italian for “harmony”). All the participants of an orchestra play the same melody in different octaves. The effects are high tonal development and enormous clout. The name unisonSteadfast also supports this idea.

Top 3

among the top 3 independent networks of medium-sized brokers worldwide

15 years

founded in July 2005 in Hamburg with offices in Chicago and Shanghai as well as further hubs

6 continents

140 countries in Europe, North and South America, Asia, Africa and Australia-Oceania